If You Are Ready To Create Massive, Long Lasting and Sustainable Transformation in ALL Areas of Your Life Then This Is The Workshop For You


You know that life can be better.  YOUR life can be better than it currently is.  Deep down inside you know that right now you are not living the life that you truly want to.  Maybe you are making choices in your life to please other people, maybe you have tried to fully create your ideal life and you hit big challenges and got knocked back, maybe you know that you are holding yourself back, maybe you are sick of the disappointment and responsibility that adult life brings with it, maybe you are ready for a different story for yourself and NOW is the time that you are ready to make long lasting change.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar For You…

You are feeling stuck, lost, disheartened or just freaking frustrated at where you are at with your life right now

You are not sure what direction to take with certain areas of your life, so you sit in the middle going nowhere

You feel like there are invisible walls and blocks that are stopping you from achieving what you want in your life

You know that you have so much more potential and you want to start living into that potential but have no idea how

Fear, self-doubt and procrastination are constantly in your life stopping you from going for what you truly what

I want you to know that you are not alone
many people struggle with these same exact problems

The truth is most people are
unsatisfied and unfulfilled 
with where they are in their life

The Sadder Truth is That Not Many People Are Willing To Do Anything About It

Are you ready for more happiness, more freedom and more flow in your life?

Are you ready to stop struggling and self sabotaging yourself when it comes to your finances, relationships, health, career, or your spiritual growth?

Are you ready clear the blocks that are holding you back from creating the life that you want?

Are you ready to release the baggage of your past so you can feel free again?

Are you ready for a quantum leap in the results you are getting in your life?

Are you ready to create a life that you love?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then come join us at the TRANSFORM YOUR INNER GAME workshop

The Transform Your Inner Game workshop is a 2 day immersive workshop where you will be working specifically on your own Inner Game blocks that are currently holding you back.  It is a powerful 2 days that will create real, long lasting and sustainable shifts within you in order for you to create the life you truly want (and get clear on what that is if you have no clue right now!)

So What Is Your Inner Game?

Your ‘Inner Game’ is the internal world inside of you that is creating your external world and the results that are showing up, or not showing up in your life.

It is your Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs, Intentions, Attitudes, Values, Your Vibrational Energy all combined together to make up your Inner Game and THIS creates the life that shows up around you.

Working On YOUR Inner Game is
Hands Down How You Are Going
To Get The Biggest and Fastest
Results In Your Life

Here’s Just a Few Things We Are Going To Cover At The Event…

How to shift your Inner Game in your favour so that you can get the results that you want in your life

How to live life on your terms and not be dictated by anyone else’s

Get crystal clear about exactly what you want to create in your life

Discover the Inner Game blocks that are going to stop you and hold you back from creating that, and we are going to CLEAR those blocks, right there at the event!

You will gain amazing awareness about where you have been blocking yourself and WHY, allowing you release those blocks and move forward creating fast results

We will be clearing away self doubt, a stack of fears that are stopping you moving forward and procrastination!

You will be set up for success and given tools and practical strategies that will help you going forward in your life to create amazingness in every area of your life, even when things go wrong!

Your Presenters

Kim Baird

Kim Baird is an inspirational speaker, award winning author (winner of the Gowor International Publishing Award 2015), transformational coach and entrepreneur. Kim has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and their businesses for the better. She has a passion for living life full out by your own rules and absolutely loves helping others to do the same; helping them to consciously create the life that they truly desire.

Her skills at transforming others have come from vast training, and her own unique experiences in life. Faced with many challenges from being born with cataracts, nearly having to declare bankruptcy on multiple occasions, and being diagnosed with serious health problems, she has discovered how to thrive in the face of adversity.

She now specialises in transforming people’s ‘Inner Game’ so that they can take not just survive but thrive and take their lives to the next level.  The Inner Game is all the internal stuff that goes on inside of us that drives and creates our external world, including our mindset, thoughts, beliefs, habits, intentions, desires, emotions and energy that shape our lives and can help us thrive or hold us back from creating what we truly want.

She is an accomplished author; her International Publishing Award winning book Gifts From the Darkness has received rave reviews and Kim has also co-authored numerous books on business, life and personal development including Conscious Business and Grounded In Gratitude. Kim in high demand and is often featured in the media including digital, radio and TV.

An adventurer at heart, Kim loves to push herself out of her comfort zone. At the tender age of fourteen she did her very first skydive and fell in love with getting the adrenaline hit, going on to have many fun filled adventures, including swimming with sharks and skiing in North America.

Kim is also devoted to helping numerous charities and causes, which comes back to her passion and dedication to making this world a better place for all, supporting charities both financially and with volunteering her personal time.

Andrew Baird

Andrew Baird is a Business Coach, International Speaker and Best Selling International Business Author who has been involved in businesses since 1998, taking him from his home in Auckland through Australia and the US, including Wall Street in New York where he worked with start-ups during the DotCom Boom and Bust of 2000.

Growing businesses from nothing to millions in turnover and creating many profitable exits he loves helping business owners transform what’s possible for them.  From Baby Boomers getting ready to sell their business for the maximum price through to Gen Y’s struggling in their first business, Andrew loves getting stuck in and sharing what works from his personal experiences.

Investing in multiple start ups with his most successful now trading for over $500 million dollars he has a wealth of experience in starting small and growing businesses.  He has bought and sold, partnered and used licensing to rapidly grow his start ups.  An expert in online technologies his first three start ups were both technology based companies.

Widely respected he has been featured locally and internationally on Radio, TV, Digital Media and many other media outlets from the National Business Review to Sky TV.  With a wealth of knowledge in business and his advanced strategies he can transform virtually any business.

Andrew is a dedicated family man and uses the leverage he has created in his business to actively spend time with his family.  Loving the outdoors he loves exploring the bush in New Zealand as well as rock climbing and scaling the heights.

Come join us at TransformYour Inner Game and create long term sustainable results in ALL areas of your life


Dates: Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th September 2017

Times:  Both days will run from 8:30am – 5:30pm

Location:  Quality Hotel, Parnell, Auckland

Investment:  Full price $397 for the 2 days

Go To Girl Special price of just $197!

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Go To Girl Special Price just $197